Youth Empowerment and Mentorship

Today, youth face a daunting challenge: securing decent employment in an economic context characterized by a lack of job opportunities, especially in rural areas. A range of other issues further exacerbates the low demand for labour in Eswatini, including the limited work experience and educational levels of many youth.

SEM Promotional Group is offering not only to the market but also to the young people, to the society, to the balance of the demand and supply between job and labour force. We are providing great staffing solution to all the business owners by indirectly managing the staff for them so they will never have to worry about hiring too many personnel employees for the slow business season and lacking staffs on the peak season. More of our Objectives as a non-profit organization are listed below;

  • To provide Foundation courses, education, and mentorship services to the youth on its career paths, in order to influence career decision making choices at an early stage.
  • To provide intimate and social support services to the youth in order to draw them closer to society and create a warm environment around them.
  • To provide quality service   in terms of service delivery in the market, new business ideas, and equal distribution of labour according to the level of production in the market, and
  • To create a flexible market, and distribution of labour in the trade industry, in order to promote sales, maintain existing customers and provide employment opportunities to the society.
  • To start income generating activities geared towards empowering the youth economically
  • Participation in community awareness and sensitization campaigns in such matters as health, education and HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Organizing, coordinating, Sponsoring and encouraging participation in local and international youth workshops so as to provide linkages with other youth counterparts in the rest of the world
  • Providing forum through which the youth can air their views in matters relating to their welfare.
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