Strive2Thrive Edu and SEM Cares Foundation share a common vision to support underprivileged communities by providing access to quality education.

This common project, coordinated by SEM Cares Foundation and Strive2Thrive Edu, aims to do so by offering free Education lessons provided by Strive2Thrive Edu Strive2Thrive Edu as the coordinator of this project initiated bilateral talks between all parties involved which led to this partnership with the following courses;

  1. Public Speaking: Our tutors in public speaking have excelled in public speaking courses, won numerous speech and debate tournaments, and/or have participated in speech and debate events. Therefore they are well equipped to teach young students how to as well. We teach how to write moving speeches to even logical arguing.
  2. Business 101 Skills: In the real world, business and finance are essential skills for personal development and survival. Children must have a solid foundation on how to understand money, the business world, and the global economy. Our tutors are accomplished in many business skills such as business management, economics, marketing, personal finance, Word, Excel, etc.
  3. Finance: Throughout history, finance has increasingly become more confusing from personal finance to commercial finance. This is why learning finance at an early age is crucial for financial success later in the future. Students will engage in projects immersing them in the world of stocks, money market, banking, personal finance, and many other skills they will need later in life.
  4. Leadership & Empowerment: Strive2Thrive Edu values how all humans should be treated equally and have equal access to education. Throughout the world, a gap is forming between women and education. Strive2Thrive Edu is attempting to bridge this gap by empowering women and underrepresented populations around the world.
  5. Mental Health Wellness: This year COVID-19 has ruined social, academic, and plans for the year. Students are not able to go to school and get the full experience of their school environment. As well as being at home, students sometimes forget about themselves and their mental healths. Strive2Thrive Edu’s mental wellness classes can allow students to learn ways to take a step back and focus on their wellbeing.
  6. Medical Literacy: Medical Literacy is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy life. Medical literacy is an important skill to have in all aspects of life to not only help yourself but to help others. If you have ever wanted to learn how to read complex health articles, stories, or even learn about the life of a doctor, this class is perfect for you.
  7. Health & Hygiene: In rural countries, access to health education is severely limited. This causes these families to be more at risk than other people around the world. Many children and families do not know the essentials of being safe and healthy. During this dangerous time with COVID-19, this is more than essential. Strive2Thrive Edu is developing this needed program to improve the health of many families around the world. We are teaching them how to say safe and healthy, keep good hygiene, how germs work, and the basic world of microbiology.

Help Strive2Thrive Edu & SEM Cares Foundation make a difference in each and every youth’s life. With a sponsorship for a child, we would be able to provide clothing, food, health products, and educational resources which in turn allows the child to have a brighter future! Consider donating your time or money to help uplift underprivileged and underserved communities. If you are interested in the courses above, please fill in the form below:

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